Organisations and individuals are invited to join The McKell Institute to support our important work.


Since The McKell Institute’s inception, we have worked with business, unions, community groups and academia to help improve the tone and quality of public policy in Australia. McKell is now the leading progressive research institute on housing affordability and taxation reform, having led the way on the negative gearing and stamp duty debates.

Our research into superannuation, infrastructure funding, work life balance, and early childhood education have also helped inform and shift the national conversation on these important areas of reform.

As a progressive, non-partisan research body our research is respected and consulted by both major parties Federally and across a number of State Governments.

By joining The McKell Institute, you will:

  • Strengthen your relationship with senior government leaders.
  • Expand your network with key stakeholders across a range of industries.
  • Be at the cutting edge of innovative policy development.

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