2023 Annual Review | McKell Institute Queensland

With October marking a year to go until the next state election the next 12 months will provide an opportunity to debate the policy challenges and opportunities that will shape the next decade.

The rising cost of living pressure resulting in growing inflation, increased housing cost in rent and property prices, and the rising costs of goods, energy, education and healthcare are an ongoing concern for many Queenslanders.

This poses a challenge for policymakers, to identify and implement measures to mitigate these pressures and ensure that all Queenslanders are afforded a fair go.

At the McKell Institute our focus is on producing progressive research looking at practical and innovative solutions to policy challenges – both existing and emerging.

Attached is our 2023 McKell Institute Queensland Annual Review, which delves into the full gamut of our policy and engagement work that seeks to create dialogue around these pressing issues for Queenslanders and identify a pathway forward.

December 2023
Sarah Mawhinney, Executive Director Queensland