Executive Director Sam Crosby releases ‘The Trust Deficit”

Executive Director, Sam Crosby, has released his first book, ‘The Trust Deficit’, through Melbourne University Press.

About ‘The Trust Deficit’

Trust is the most powerful weapon in the political arsenal.

It can pierce an opponent’s armour or deflect the most ferocious attack. It can explain difficult policies, and become a well of goodwill for politicians when they need it most. Yet despite its great value we are resigned to the idea that trust in politics will continue to decline.

Drawing on contemporary political stories and examples, The Trust Deficit shows us how faith in our politicians has been eroded and how it can be rebuilt. Julia Gillard’s pledge that there wouldn’t be a carbon tax and Tony Abbott’s promise of no cuts to health or education saw a collapse in their governments’ levels of support.

By breaking trust down to its elements—reliability and competence, openness and honesty—we see how recent leaders like Howard, Rudd, Obama, Baird and Beattie established trust and used it to their political advantage.

About the author

Sam Crosby is the executive director of the McKell Institute and has worked in senior roles in government, business and the trade union movement.

Previously, Sam served as corporate and government affairs manager for Johnson & Johnson, senior adviser and chief of staff to a number of New South Wales Cabinet ministers, and adviser to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd during the 2013 election. His experience spans infrastructure, transport, ports, mining, forestry, Treasury, industrial relations and healthcare.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics and Social Sciences with First Class Honours from the University of Sydney and an MBA from the UNSW’s Australian Graduate School of Management. While completing his undergraduate degree, he served as president of the University of Sydney Union and national president of Australian Young Labor.

He lives in Sydney with his family and tweets as @SamPCrosby.

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