Essential Surgery: Healthcare During COVID and Beyond

“Elective” surgery doesn’t mean unnecessary surgery – it includes essential procedures which remove cancers, alleviate pain and and prevent deterioration of a patient’s condition. These procedures get people moving, back to work and living a full and vibrant life again. As we begin to resume elective surgery in a limited capacity, health experts are warning of a looming public health crisis if governments continue to take a stop-start approach to elective surgery, as we have done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this discussion, we ask our experts how we move forward from here; how we manage our healthcare system and the exhaustion of our healthcare workers; and how we ensure that Australians can access these essential surgeries.

Join us to hear from Australian Medical Association President, Dr Omar Khorshid; Royal Australian College of Surgeons NSW Chair A/Prof. Payal Mukherjee; Catholic Health Australia CEO Pat Garcia; and Johnson & Johnson Medical ANZ Managing Director Sue Martin.


17 March 2022