Australia’s population is ageing, and budgets are getting squeezed. It is therefore vital for health policy to present innovative options for improvements in efficiency, the embrace of new technologies and world-leading patient care.


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    Big Data, Big Possibilities

    Big Data is changing the way citizens engage with the world around them. This report explores how the strategic implementation of Big Data in Australia's healthcare system can improve health outcomes, and drive efficiency.
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    Positive Disruption

    Australia's population is ageing. This report offers ideas that will reform aged care, and better enable our population to engage in economic and social activity beyond tradition retirement ages.
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    Risky Business

    The privatisation of elements of Australia's healthcare system is highly prone to unforeseen consequences. This report explores the risks of privatisation, and alternative options to improve efficiency.


Hon Jillian Skinner MP, NSW Health Minister

NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner addressing The McKell Institute. Hosted by Deloitte