Australia’s future will be shaped by today’s education policy.

From early-childhood to primary, secondary, tertiary and vocational education, The McKell Institute’s suite of education research identifies ways to improve Australia’s education system to ensure it remains world class.


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    Trading Up

    As Australia’s economy navigates a period of unprecedented transformation, quality education for all Australians has never been more important. For generations, TAFE has been a leading provider of quality vocational education and training in Australia, equipping students with the skills required to succeed in a dynamic national economy.
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    Mapping Opportunity

    One of Australia’s most significant achievements has been its strong and prospering economy with a growing middle class and the equal access to opportunity by all individuals. Today, this mainstay of the nation is being challenged and the increasing pressures on the daily lives of Australians are mounting, as wages stagnate and the gap in income widens

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