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Australia’s economy has experienced nearly a quarter of a century of continual growth.

However, it is important that today’s economic policy remains cognisant of the dynamic nature of the global economy, and offers creative solutions to contemporary issues to ensure future generations of Australians enjoy the prosperity of those that came before them.


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    Taking on Tax Avoidance

    Tax avoidance by large multinationals is a significant problem in Australia as it is around the world. This report explores options to strengthen Australia's anti-tax avoidance regime, with a focus on the extractive resources sector.
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    Encouraging Efficiency

    The Australian energy market has seen significant changes over the last couple of years. The major conclusion that has come out of the various debates is that there is a serious electricity and power affordability problem across the National Electricity Market (NEM) and the price increases over the last decade are significantly affecting Australian businesses and consumers


Chris Lehane, Head of Global Public Policy for AirBnB

Chris Lehane is the head of public policy for Air BnB, and a former democratic political strategist. Hosted by Allens-Linklaters.