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Australia’s economy has experienced nearly a quarter of a century of continual growth.

However, it is important that today’s economic policy remains cognisant of the dynamic nature of the global economy, and offers creative solutions to contemporary issues to ensure future generations of Australians enjoy the prosperity of those that came before them.


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    Stalling Wages, Falling Growth

    Australia, like many developed nations post the Global Financial Crisis, is enduring a period of declining wage growth and increasing inequality in income, resulting in living standards falling and stagnant economic growth. Access to fair wages has been facing a relative decline in the past few years, challenging social mobility and the egalitarian society that Australia has prided itself on being.
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    The Social Benefit of Economic Ties

    As the United Kingdom moves towards leaving the European Union, there are national conversations to be had on trade policy, which have not taken place for generations. We cannot be certain of how the different constituencies of interest groups, unions, political parties and businesses will come together in this public debate, nor the extent to which citizens will feel compelled to have their voices heard.


Chris Lehane, Head of Global Public Policy for AirBnB

Chris Lehane is the head of public policy for Air BnB, and a former democratic political strategist. Hosted by Allens-Linklaters.