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The McKell Institute’s Events provide an environment for senior policy makers, business people and community leaders to engage with audiences on important contemporary issues.

We have hosted a wide range of leaders, from former Australian Prime Ministers, senior state and federal Ministers and Premiers, and senior business figures, to esteemed international dignitaries, including the former Prime Minister of Italy Enrico Letta, and former US Congressman Barney Frank.

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Past Events

  • Climate Dialogue with His Excellency Anote Tong, Former President of Kiribati

    In October, the McKell Institute hosted a Climate Dialogue with His Excellency Anote Tong, Former President of Kiribati. Mr Tong, who spent thirteen years leading a country whose people will be forcibly displaced by climate change, spoke of his hopes, fears and the day-to-day impact of climate change on the frontline.

    “I watch my grandchildren and know that they won’t have a home when they grow up. I don’t know if I will be around, in some ways I hope I won’t be, because it will save me the agony of having to watch. The enormity of what we are facing is paralysing”. His clear message for Australia is that “Australia could be a global leader, in fact, it should be”.

  • Transport Forum with Mark Bailey

    We hosted the Queensland Minster for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey at an Executive Policy Forum lunch at the State Library. The Minister a range of transport issues facing the state including making the Brisbane city commute safe for cyclists; the transformational cross-river rail project; the future of autonomous vehicles; infrastructure in the state's far north and transitioning to electric vehicles, thanks Queensland’s 1900km electric vehicle superhighway, the longest of any state in the world.
  • Launch of The McKell Institute Queensland with Annastacia Palaszczuk

    We had a breakfast launch of The McKell Institute Queensland with the Premier of Queensland, the Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk MP with thought leaders from business, not-for-profit, academic, unions and government.
  • Welcome to 2018 with Steve Bracks and Kieran Gilbert

    We previewed the year of State and Federal politics with Steve Bracks and Kieran Gilbert.
  • Launch of “Keep NSW in a Healthy State”

    The McKell Institute launched a new report which aims to identify targets for health expenditure within the state. It also discusses the potential challenges the health sector will need to overcome in the next decade. Sue McGuire (HSU), Brett Holmes (NSWNMA), Gerard Hayes (HSU), Dr Choong-Siew Yong (ASMOF), Dr Maura McCambridge and Jane Barton (Maitland Hospital) were welcomed to the panel to share their views and opinions on the state of NSW Health.
  • Pre-Budget Address with Bill Shorten

    The Hon. Bill Shorten MP, Leader of the Opposition, joined The McKell Institute for an exclusive Pre-Budget address where he outlined the priorities for Australia’s Economic Future.
  • Post-Budget Address with Jackie Trad MP

    The Hon. Jackie Trad MP, Deputy Premier and Treasurer, provided insights into the Palaszczuk Government's fourth State Budget and what it means for the future of North Queensland.
  • Forum on the Economic Outlook for 2018

    We hosted an exclusive panel forum and luncheon on the Economic Outlook for 2018 with Dr. Craig Emerson, Prof. John Hewson and Grant Wardell-Johnson. They outlined projections for the year for both the domestic and international economy.
  • Launch of ‘Randomistas’ by Andrew Leigh

    Andrew Leigh MP joined us in conversation on his upcoming book, Randomistas: How Radical Researchers Changed Our World. Across medicine, business and government, there’s no simpler or more powerful tool for finding out what works than a randomised experiment. Investigating everything from jails to ad campaigns, philanthropy to schools, the randomistas are building evidence and busting myths. Randomised tests are carried out on us every day: by supermarkets, search engines, online dating sites and direct marketers. Political parties use randomised trials to win elections. But how do these tests work? Are there any ethical issues? And what do they reveal about our choices? In Randomistas, Andrew Leigh tells the stories of radical researchers who overturned conventional wisdom in medicine, politics, economics, law enforcement and more.