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The McKell Institute’s Events provide an environment for senior policy makers, business people and community leaders to engage with audiences on important contemporary issues.

We have hosted a wide range of leaders, from former Australian Prime Ministers, senior state and federal Ministers and Premiers, and senior business figures, to esteemed international dignitaries, including the former Prime Minister of Italy Enrico Letta, and former US Congressman Barney Frank.

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Past Events

  • Forum on the Economic Outlook for 2018

    We hosted an exclusive panel forum and luncheon on the Economic Outlook for 2018 with Dr. Craig Emerson, Prof. John Hewson and Grant Wardell-Johnson. They outlined projections for the year for both the domestic and international economy.
  • Launch of ‘Randomistas’ by Andrew Leigh

    Andrew Leigh MP joined us in conversation on his upcoming book, Randomistas: How Radical Researchers Changed Our World. Across medicine, business and government, there’s no simpler or more powerful tool for finding out what works than a randomised experiment. Investigating everything from jails to ad campaigns, philanthropy to schools, the randomistas are building evidence and busting myths. Randomised tests are carried out on us every day: by supermarkets, search engines, online dating sites and direct marketers. Political parties use randomised trials to win elections. But how do these tests work? Are there any ethical issues? And what do they reveal about our choices? In Randomistas, Andrew Leigh tells the stories of radical researchers who overturned conventional wisdom in medicine, politics, economics, law enforcement and more.