The McKell Institute will explore and discuss a wide range of policy issues and reforms including:

Improving the State’s infrastructure, particularly transport, to encourage economic growth and development and meet the needs of a growing population.
Economic policies that support growth, foster job creation and the expansion of small business. Supporting increased economic engagement with key international trading partners to deliver investment and create jobs.
Making housing more affordable for all Australians, particularly for low income families.
Creating and maintaining work environments which are safe and free from discrimination, while providing fair remuneration and conditions for workers, particularly those in low paid jobs.
Preserving our natural environment and taking action to protect future generations from the effects of climate change by moving to a low carbon economy.
Providing quality and affordable health and dental care for all Australians, while increasing investment into mental health research and support for sufferers.
Ensuring that governments invest in our public and private education system at all levels, to provide all Australians with a first class education and the opportunity to retrain when necessary.