About the McKell Institute

The McKell Institute is a public policy institute dedicated to developing practical policy ideas and contributing to public debate.

The McKell Institute takes its name from New South Wales wartime Premier and Governor–General of Australia, William McKell. William McKell made a powerful contribution to both New South Wales and Australian society through progressive social, economic and environmental reforms.

Key areas of activity for the McKell Institute include producing regular policy research papers, hosting policy roundtable discussions and public lectures, as well as undertaking landmark longitudinal studies of community attitudes and aspirations.

The McKell Institute is an independent not for profit organisation, funded entirely by donations from supporters. It receives no money from the government or any political party. You can support our work by making a donation here.

Further information on membership can be found here.

A list of the McKell Institute’s Board of Directors can be found here.

Our agenda

The McKell Institute is engaged across a wide range of policy issues including but not limited to infrastructure funding and financing, superannuation reform, health and hospitals reform, industrial relations and workers entitlements, economic analysis and modelling, productivity and innovation policy, housing affordability, and social service delivery.

The McKell Institute’s membership model has been established to provide leaders from the business, civic and academic communities an opportunity to attend policy discussions and events and to contribute to the McKell Institute’s policy development and research agenda. McKell membership offers members a unique opportunity to engage with the McKell Institute, while also providing financial support to help us develop and advocate policies that matter to the community.